Who We Are

My name is Elizabeth (Liz) Smith. I am an estate planning attorney located in Juneau, Alaska, serving clients throughout the State. I help clients learn about the process their assets must go through upon your death, and then to create a plan if you want to do something different than what happens without any planning. Planning includes education, wills, trusts, and other services to help you and your family prepare. Of course we also help your family with administration post-death, and have some special focuses such as special needs planning and elder law.

I also work with some small businesses to help them build a solid foundation through legal work as well as consulting and coaching to help grow your business.

I graduated from Vermont Law School in 2010 and spent over nine years working for the State of Alaska. I held many positions in that time including Assistant Public Defender and Assistant Attorney General. I took pride in serving the State, but I was frustrated by many of the constraints placed on me, and I nearly became disillusioned with being an attorney altogether. Unfortunately, most times attorneys are called after there is already a problem. I wanted to help people from having the problems at all.

I started my own law practice in 2019 and I focus on helping clients stay out of court and out of conflict. I love working with families and businesses to put a plan in place. It is one of the best gifts you can give your loved ones.

I look forward to meeting you.

Liz Smith

The Team

Our practice is supported by Client Services Director, Alexandria Weddell. If you engage our estate planning services, Alex will likely be your main point of contact as we assist you with the planning process! Alex works remotely from Dyea, Alaska and is an excellent addition to the team. If you book an appointment with us, Alex will be following up with you to get your homework! She is super friendly and seems to know everyone in the state. You can reach Alex directly at Alex@lizsmithlaw.com.

We also receive phenomenal paralegal support from Isabel Lee. Isabel joins us with decades of experience working with attorneys practicing family law. If you are a probate client, Isabel will be your main point of contact, but she also assists with estate planning matters behind the scenes. She is enjoying learning a new field and providing our clients with excellent support! You can reach Isabel directly at Isabel@lizsmithlaw.com.

Our customer service is awesome thanks to our Office Manager, Pualei Galletes! (Pronounced “pu-a-lei”). If you go to the office or give us a call, Pualei will be there to greet you and support your needs. She loves to help others get their important affairs in order, which is why she loves her job! You can reach Pualei directly at support@lizsmithlaw.com.