VIP Membership Plans

You are a happy client. You have enjoyed our wrap-around services offered at Liz Smith Law. However, you want even more support than the three-year reviews offered to all of our clients.

With our VIP Membership Plans, you get discounts on services for family members, discounts on updates to your plans, complimentary Docubank membership, and ongoing support to ensure that your plan is staying up to date with your changing life. (Not all offered with all plans).

Descriptions of the membership plans available are below. Call us at 907-312-5436 or email to get started today!

These services are complimentary for all of our clients:

  • Meeting every three years to ensure that your plan stays up to date with your life and the law.
  • Call us with your funding questions. If you created a trust and wonder whether a new asset should be added to the trust, or how to transfer, we are here for you.
  • As your Personal Family Lawyer, we are here for referrals for legal matters that we do not handle, or to guide you in selecting other service providers such insurance providers, financial advisors, and accountants.

The following are options for our clients who would like the added assurance that their plan is up to date, and who would like to take advantage of discounted services.

  This plan includes:    Everything in the Life Plan, PLUS:    Everything in the Legacy Plan, PLUS:
– Unlimited updates to your Family Wealth Inventory. (immeasurable) Ongoing access to a secure vault to store all of your plan documents. ($115 value)
– Annual meeting to ensure that your plan stays up to date with your life and the law. Up to 2 hours with a staff member at our office. ($750 value)
– Annual Legacy Interview and recording. ($150 value)
– Refresh your Financial Durable Power of Attorney every three years, and your Healthcare documents every six years. Financial institutions and some medical providers prefer these documents to be recent or they may not accept them. ($250 value)  
(Valued at over $1265)
– Complimentary deeds to transfer property to your trust after a refinance or when you acquire new property. (For Alaska property; for out-of-state property, we will find someone to work with you and offer the best discount we can). ($250+ value)
– Ongoing Docubank Membership. ($40 value)
– 50% off routine updates, amendments, and restatements. (immeasurable)
– Complimentary set for any child (AK resident) between 18-25, including: power of attorney, healthcare documents, and a basic will.($1,000 value)
– 25% discount on planning for family members in AK.($750-$2125+ value)
– Free estate checkup for parents over 65. ($950+ value)
(Valued at over $4255)
All representation offers of others depending on there being a good fit and no conflict to work with us.  
This plan if for the family that wants to create a family legacy, what one author calls Entrusted Planning. In this plan, we work with you to plan out a financial legacy to prepare future generations to steward the assets in a way that is aligned with your family principles (which we will help you develop).   Includes Family Coaching to develop principles for the family unit to help with decisionmaking as you plan your legacy. We do this through 4 3-hour meetings per year. (In Juneau included, outside of Juneau optional & at cost). Legacy interviews for up to eight family members, transcribed and created into a book.
Fee Level: $525/year  Fee Level: $1250/yearFee Level: $17,000/year
VIP Client Membership Plans