Upcoming estate planning webinars:

October 28th 6pm.

Do you need a will, a trust, a living will? What’s the difference?

What do you need for your life, your assets, and your family?

Why do you need it?

And what does it all cost? Can you do it yourself, use an online service, or do you need an attorney?

Learn how having your own, customized estate plan will keep your family, your business partners, and everyone you care about out of court and conflict-if this is an objective you decide is worth it for you.

Attend this training and learn why estate planning isn’t just for the financially rich, but can be even more important the less you have. Have young children? What could happen to them if something happens to you?

We will also cover how to name someone to make medical and financial decisions if you cannot do so yourself. Your money, your history, your values, your traditions.

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November 17th at 6pm.

Do you have older parents that either currently need long-term care or may need it in the future?

Do you know how they plan to pay for it?

If they stay in Alaska, costs can reach over $20,000 PER MONTH for nursing facility level of care. Assisted living homes might cost $3,000-$15,000 per month. If they move ‘down south’, costs could be closer to $12,000 per month, still enough to quickly run through a person’s hard-earned savings.

And, while we all hope to die peacefully in our sleep before we need this kind of assistance, about 50% of people will need long-term care for some period of time in their final years.

In this webinar, we will provide you with information about the different resources available to pay for in-home or nursing facility care so that you can learn how you could help support your parents to thrive in their final years of life – before they end up in an undesirable facility and before they run out of money.

This will include long-term care insurance, Medicare, military benefits, private pay, and Medicaid.

You must register to attend.

Register for November 17th at 6pm here.

If you are raising young children (under age 18), I created a webinar just for you that’s offered on-demand. Yup, that mean’s you can watch anytime you wish and fit it into your life!

Find out more and get your copy here!

Questions? Email Liz at or call us at 907-312-5436.

If you are interested in attending (or planning) a future event to learn more about estate planning with us, please contact us and let us know.